Saying yes.

Yes! I once heard that the spiritual teacher, Osho, defined Tantra in one word: “Yes.” At it’s most basic, Tantra asks us to trust in the goodness of life. All of life. Without rejecting the parts we don’t like.

Saying “Yes” to life, exactly as it is, becomes a moment by moment practice of being awake to our Shakti. With our sexuality, this doesn’t mean saying “Yes” when your body is saying “No.” (Goddess knows we’ve done enough of that.)

But it may mean noticing your habitual rejection of sexual invitations, perhaps because your body is afraid to trust, or armored from past hurts and disappointments. So how can you say “Yes” to feeling and exploring that? What gentle step can you take to allowing the healing balm of sensual pleasure back into your being?

If saying “Yes” to sexual pleasure feels like too big a leap, then first practice saying “Yes” in other areas of your life. Perhaps to your breasts and your feelings. What is your heart asking you to feel? Can you say “Yes” to lovingly touching your breasts?

Can you give a green light to your desire, allowing yourself to feel the texture of your longing whatever the object? Or “Yes” to your creativity, another expression of our Shakti life force energy. How does the artist in you want to play?

What I know is that the more we practice saying “Yes” to life, with all her peaks and valleys, the more we return to the essence of our Shakti and find our place in the undulating flow of life’s goodness.

-Lisa Schrader

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