Life as an Native American girl

You know what’s sad?

Always having to stay in the car

because I am too damn scared to

go in the store.

I’m scared of their hateful and hurtful words.

A young Native American girl,

too fucking scared to go shopping

You hear of “black lives matter”

What about Native Americans?

Oh yeah, they’re shoved onto these lands called reservations.

This poor little prairie nigger

surviving off of EBT and commodities

scared of traveling.

Scared of the harmful words of the white man.

In the lakota culture, mitukaye oyasin,

That means “we are all related” Whatever happened to that?

I’m tired of being pushed aside

I’m tired of being hurt by the white man

I’m tired of seeing my oyate, my people

suffer at the hands of the white man

What do I have to do?

Scream in the governments face?

“Here I am fuckers, pay attention to my people, we are suffering!”

From the battle of the little big horn

To the wounded knee massacre

Our people are still having to deal with that depression

We shouldn’t have to.

We don’t deserve that.

We are indigenous people

Native to the land

We deserve much better

Than this shit hole that we call home

I was always taught to keep my

mouth shut when it comes to racist remarks

I want to break this silence

I want to go in the store and not be afraid of what others have to say.

I want to break free.


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