Miss Mystique


Excuse me Miss but what’s that head like?
I’m trying to penetrate that dome to get rid of what tics you off, fuck the head lice.
I hope you read right, everything intellectual shines forth from sexual head lights.

Pardon me Queen if I stepped out of bounds, I just want you to know that you’re the brightest being around.
You light up rooms like a subwoofer with surround sound.
Your vibrations are so wavy that you make all these fake catfish niggas drown.
They can’t stand you wearing the crown,
a woman that stands up on her square and never co-signs these square ass hounds.

If I stepped to you wrong please give me remission, don’t cast me away all I’m here to do is listen.
If I don’t seem like a G then give me another chance and I promise I’ll hit it.
If you need some space and time I wouldn’t mind giving you distance, if you need to escape your mind I promise I could give you some assistance.
If you desire a mental connection we could plug into the solar system, if you want spiritual attention I could pay you with this natural mystic, haha I’m kidding Miss, my name is Quentin.

It’s a pleasure to be in your presence,
I feel like if I kneel I’d be within my pineal observing the real heavens.
One day you should let me in your heart like the star and crescent.
Your essence inspires me to ask my own testament some questions.
U n I are destined, have a good day along your way and thanks for letting me express this affection,
you’re the cause and the effect Miss and I AM your reflection.. Amor


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